The Dutch series Syndroom focuses on people with Down syndrome, autistic disorders or other conditions. “Like any human being, they have long-cherished wishes,” says the show’s official website (translated). In the case of an episode focusing on a young man named Twan, those long-held wishes were all about Knight Rider.

The episode tracks Twan’s journey to the U.S., where he eventually arrives in Beverly Hills, California, and meets both David Hasselhoff and KITT. Syndroom even got actor William Daniels to reprise his role as KITT in order to give Twan a special welcome message. Twan and Hasselhoff then take KITT out for a ride on the freeway. The dream day ends with a Hassel-hug and a Knight Rider jacket.

It’s a tender scene that you don’t need to speak Dutch to appreciate, but no worries – everyone starts speaking in English about a minute in. Love for Knight Rider, after all, transcends the barriers of language.

This is the best possible reason to get the Knight Rider theme stuck in your head.