Craigslist Ad – 75 CB360 “the Rat-Rider”
Well what we have here is a 1975 honda cb360 that my friends and I have dubbed the Rat-Rider because of its ratrod like appearance. I have been told that every owner since 2008 has had facial Hair.

I got this bike as payment, instead of the money that I would have preferred, from a guy about a year ago.

I am not really into bikes and in that year it has been ridden approximately 200 feet but every time I ride it, I suddenly grow a mustache. This bike is for someone who enjoys killing a bear with nothing but his teeth and barbecuing it, not with a gas or charcoal but by having his ancestors come forth from hell and breath fire onto the meat. Its a loud ass Rat rod of a bike with a bunch of spare stuff.Like any good Man project It comes with an extra set of tires, a front disk break conversion setup, a spare bottom end that I am told is perfect, a spare top end that I am told is not good, maybe you can fix it. Whats that you say? you like solving mysteries? of course you do! MEN fix shit and thats that!Theres also a spare swing arm perfect for someone looking to further customize this bike like a man.

2, count em, 2 spare kick stands. the bike has been converted to a different “single” type. more manly that way. A mystery box of what I figure is the stock stuff they took off, turn signals, wiring, a fenders, couple of tachs, an extra speedo, ect.It starts up like a champ but it doesn’t like to stay running without the choke a little on, which is actually a good thing because there is no kill switch. My research shows that carb rebuild kits for this thing are about 25 bucks so I’m sure someone who is smarter and cares more than me can sort that out in no time.The headlight and speedo are not hooked up to anything, I assume they are there to repel the police. I did half ass hook up the headlight one time and it works. another mini project. The Man in you wants to figure that shit out so bad I bet you are breaking a sweat right now. Or like the previous 3 owners, just leave it. who cares. who the hell am I to tell you what to do!?The front tire has a slow leak. I don’t really know how slow. I pump it up about once a month and take it for its long ride out of the driveway and back. Another mystery to be solved by the Bearded bear killing sherlock holmes inside you.

The tank says “mouthbreather” on it. which should be fine because if you got this far down the ad without bitching out you have had your nose broken in so many Bar fights you cant breath through your nose anyways. perfect.

Like I said I don’t ride it and It could go to a better home. I was just going to hold onto it as another project but my now Ex tried to kill me and herself and that cost me a considerable amount of money.

Oh look a female ruined my life. SURPRISE!

I have a title but 3 owners ago filled it out in 09. I already talked to the Oregon DMV they said it wouldn’t be a problem and that you dont even need a title as long as you have a bill of sale. There’s no License plates. I don’t know anything about that and I forgot to ask the DMV. I’m sure you can figure that out.

$1900 no trades please. trying to get the bill collector off my back.

I would say bring a truck and/or trailer because of the not street legal-ness and the no kill switch wont run without the choke on a little stuff.
email me or text/call (five oh three) 8 five 3-four 1 seven 8 thanks

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