I’ve grown up around motocross practically my entire life.  Racing from an early age is something I consider to be an amazing privilege and I wouldn’t have had those opportunities to do so, if it weren’t for my dad.  From the age of three he would take me to a race every weekend.  Although this has provided me with years of racing experience, it’s just amazing to look back and realize my dad has 40+ years experience riding motorcycles, and it shows.  I have always loved watching him ride and learning from him while growing up.  Luckily that hasn’t changed

riobravo-6173-editThe historic Rio Bravo MX track was the setting for the final race of the 2011 AHRMA Vintage Motocross and post-vintage motocross series. Rio Bravo was the site where, Jimmy Weinert, became the first American to win a Trans-AMA National and to beat a handful of talented European riders.  The track’s rich history in American motocross made for a great series ending race for AHRMA.

The AHRMA Vintage Motocross Nationals are so much fun to attend and watch.  The pits are literally like a live museum of motocross history.  For a true motocross fan, you’ve got to attend one of these events to witness the nostalgia of the bikes of yesteryear still tearing up the track.  You can’t appreciate all the technology of today’s bikes without seeing how the old machines tackled the tracks.  You realize that racing in those days was really hardcore.  Of course today’s bikes have far superior suspension, braking, and engine technology to their advantage, but there is no way you can convince these vintage guys that the fun factor is any better.

The Rio Bravo race was great.  My dad went 1-1 in his 125cc class for a vintage win and also a series championship riding a 1975 Elsinore CR125.  The next day, he went 1-1 again in the post-vintage historic 250 class riding a 1973 CZ250.   Big props to all the guys and girls restoring and maintaining these classic pieces of motocross history, and even more to the ones out on the track reminding us of how it used to be! – Travis Tollett

Check out more at http://www.ahrma.org/ and http://www.riobravomx.com/

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