Zero One Odysseys’ Nevada Adventures…probably my most favorite “My Life at Speed” type adventure ever…and I speak from some experience.  I’ve been around the racing world and even raced a little bit, love my dirt bike, jeeping, getting dirty and generally going fast and taking in as much life as possible along the way.  My life is at race-pace most of the time; as I know so much of us are these days…

Zero One Odysseys is owned by my good friends and fellow speed junkies, David Whitehead and Earl Desiderio.  You couldn’t find two more different guys to be partners but their shared passio,n to explore and promote Nevada’s beauty and fun makes them peas in a pod.  They’ve put together an amazing driving adventure in the Great Basin’s mountains and valleys of Nevada.  I’ll admit to being surprised to discover, Nevada has beauty beyond the wild desert surrounding Las Vegas.  And even though I’ve done this a few times, I still forget where I am…


It all starts with an easy trip to the Zero One Shop way south on Las Vegas Blvd.  You get fitted for a helmet and load-up in the super-comfy transporter and head to the outer regions of Nevada – either to Tonopah or Alamo.  As of today, they have BLM privileged use permits for two areas of the state.  That took some serious red tape my friends… literally years of consulting, trail planning and patience.  It all paid off, because now they can show the world, in limited numbers, the old west that time forgot.


Once in Tonopah or Alamo – you get a tour of the cars (and probably a beer or two).  These cars are something to behold.  They are purpose-build off-road machines made to give the average, inexperienced driver a taste of something new, as well as the experienced speed junkie a challenge.  Years of engineering and some seriously bad drivers have proven these things worthy. 😉


What they are ultimately deliver is fun.  Fun you can’t imagine.  Across all kinds of terrain – rough and tumble, rally-style, and even some rock crawling.  Whatever the case, you’ll figure out pretty quick that this machine is capable and it’s up to you to decide if you are…

That’s the car and driving part of the deal.  But it’s the other stuff that puts this adventure on top for me.  As you criss-cross miles-wide valleys, go over mountain passes, stop in old railroad towns, ranches, and mining camps, hang out with characters in what remains of small towns and bars – something changes inside you.


Conference calls and text messages fade away, wifi worries don’t exist, your mind opens up to new possibilities and a new energy replaces the old. You stop doubting yourself because you’ve just conquered.  And it isn’t something that happens just once…over and over again, you best yourself.  A point not missed by ML@S types.  So I keep going and keep pushing my talents @ speed.

A few more details on how this works.  There’s a lead car with the guide, Earl.  He knows these trails from years of racing and exploring on motorcycles. Two people per car – driver and navigator.  Earl leads the way, calling out turns and cautions.


You drive as fast as your talent and skills (and navigator) allow and stay out of the dust.  Every 25 miles or so, you switch up driving duties – cause turnabout is fair play. Up to six cars on the trail plus guide and a tail car (they fix flats when driver talent runs out).


Come lunch time you’re met by David with the transporter that happens to haul around a grill ready for a serious backyard BBQ.  You fill-up and so do the cars and you’re off again.


Over the course of a day, they cover up to 200 miles of amazing territory, depending on terrain and skill.  At the end of the day, you’re met with a cold beer.  Let the bench racing begin.


Each day is different and each night takes you to a new town.  You stay in some interesting places.  These aren’t tourist stops by any stretch of the imagination.  You’re not camping, but darned close.  Your needs are met in delicious ways.  The food is good, the water is hot and the booze erase anything less than five star.


They do three-day and four-day adventures…I think four days is best. But any time out there is good…very good.  You come away a different person.  Attitude refreshed, priorities realigned, creativity found, relationships strengthened, and even business happens out there.  Change is good.  And this changes you.  What you do with it, is up to you.

Personally, the life I have now is a direct result of this adventure.  It made me realize what is possible and go for it – evangelize a bit and even make a career @speed…

Photo credits: Melissa Eickhoff and Ryan Johnson