Winter projects are hopefully getting ready to be pushed outside for first firings and photos by now. The catalog is put away and things are basically race car/bike shaped. But for sure this is a time of year when motivation can be harder to find. another cold afternoon in the garage is looming perhaps? Maybe you are behind schedule and are beginning to despair? You’ve hit a snag and can’t see an easy work-around?

Whatever the case, I’ve got what you need. Take a half-hour from your day and let this documentary motivate you. It’s great watching vintage racers fettering with their machines, the rolling greens around a natural road racing course, and the stories of Joe Everyman taking a week off to be their own hero. I especially like the montage that begins around 10:15 and goes for the next 2-3 minutes. If that doesn’t make you want to suit up and grid up then perhaps the project should move into a dusty corner of the garage.

For more information about the Classic TT check out the official page.