It was great to open up my inbox yesterday to find an email from a “Russian Girl”. Now, don’t be fooled – this is not just any Russian Girl, this is a racer, a drifter, a “My Life at Speed” personality which we just had to share here. Here is a video showing us some highlights of the 2010 drift season in Russia and we hope to be featuring Yanina Alekseeva on a regular basis as they have new stuff to share. Yanina – way to go! GT

Off-seasons drift training video with Yanina Alekseeva + RDS (Russian Drift Series) 2010 flashbacks.
In the season RDS 2010 was attended by three girls: Yanina Alekseeva, Olga Morozova (Silvia S15) and Oksana Furmanchuk (Silvia S15). Yanina became the best in “Women’s standings” (In RDS girls perform equally with men). She managed to go twice in the Top 16 in total, with 8 points, and ahead of not only the other girls, but many men who participated in the RDS. And semi-stock ECR33 was able to compete against more powerful cars.

The main thing that Yanina constantly trained, gain experience and improving their driving technique. We hope that the season RDS 2011 Yanina improve their statistics, as well as visit the drifting competitions in Finland, Ukraine, and Eastern Siberia.
Now car is preparing to get a new engine: V8 LS2.

Video Info:
Driver: Yanina Alekseeva
Car: Nissan Skyline ECR33
Team: Kama Euro/Autosporttuning
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Main Camera: Vadim Anikin
GoPro camera: Mikhail Kazakevich
Editing and color correction: Vadim Anikin
Fatbitz – Master Beats
Alice in Videoland – Going Down

Coneman a.k.a. “Konusai”: Mikhail Kazakevich

Photos by Vadim Anikin

With best regards, Vadim Anikin

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