It’s 8:30a.m. in Southern California.  Out the door I head to get Matt Galantoumini fellow ML@S photog.  Apparently DWA (driving while Asian) isn’t a good excuse for almost rolling the security stop at LAX…  After my stern lecture, I found Matt, and we headed off to Huntington Beach.  This was a perfect opportunity for breakfast on the beach at Jack’s Beach Concession.

After our stomachs were full and the sun burned away the morning overcast, it was time to head to the X Games. Walking in we were greeted with the Big Air practice.dsc_0294

Forging our way through the crowd of people, we found our way out to the Hot Wheels Double Loop! This is what we’re here for: to see Greg Trachy and Tanner Foust complete the record-breaking Team Hot Wheels Challenge!  Towering 6 stories tall and capable of generating 7G’s or force on the drivers, this is no easy task.  Greg and Tanner have been practicing in fighter jets to learn how to manage the additional G-forces.  Too little speed and their cars risk falling while upside down, too fast and they will increase the force placed on their bodies.  Tomorrow will tell who’s the fastest Green Driver (Greg Tracy) or Yellow Driver (Tanner Foust).


While we stood in awe of the massive structure Global Rally Cross started their practice.  We caught a few drivers like Rhys Millen, Brian Deegan, and Ken Block.




Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen while practing misjudged the landing, and fell short.  He hit the ramp and broke his ankle; and suffered abdominal pain, but was able to climb from his vehicle.  It is said that he won’t compete in Sunday’s event due to extensive damage to his car, but we are glad to hear he is okay.dsc_5829


We managed to catch up and have dinner with Greg and family.  We talked about the epic record-breaking feat that he was going to attempt, over pizzas at Wolfgang Puck’s.  Then ventured off to the Staples Center to watch the MotoX.  It turns out ESPN has a pretty good lock down on media for the MotoX, so after wandering the halls for an hour, finding other bewildered media members not getting past security, we went to the streets.  Matt found a great park bench near the Hot Wheels loop were we did some people watching and caught a quick nap.

With the Anime Expo happening right next to X Games how could you not just want to caption photos like this?dsc_0390

From Park Bench photos to the Orange Runway of Hot Wheels Kick Off Party: we cover it all.


Inside the Kick Off Party:xgamesv

Greg shows Tanner his colors run deep, all the way to his socks and matching denim jeans.dsc_0442

Well My Life @Speeders! That’s it, the day was a success, it’s 3a.m and it feels like Christmas! A few hours from now Greg and Tanner go head to head on the Double Loop!  Check the Facebook page for live updates, and of course stay tuned here for more coverage!