Last week was Finals Week on Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver. Students from three different colleges we all asking each other the same question: What are your plans for Summer Vacation? Each time I was asked this question, I smiled real big and said, “I’m going racing!”

savannahrickli-239x300It’s hard to believe that we are just a few weeks away from the first official tire test of the 89th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb! The team is busy switching the car into rally mode. These changes include setting the Pikes Peak Special MINI Cooper S with our Group4 Autosport Aerodynamic additions, our TCE Performance Products Brakes, and soon we will be mounting our Federal Tires.

The crew aren’t the only ones who have been busy. Rebecca and I are planning on making a few finals trips down to drive the Pikes Peak Highway between now and the test weekend. I have been spending lots of time in the gym training for the physical

Rebecca Greek and Savannah Rickli
Rebecca Greek and Savannah Rickli

demands of my race season and the Hill Climb. We have been busy meeting with supporters to get sponsorships for the 2011 season finalized, and we have been spending days at the kart track too!

Last year during race week Rebecca and I were driving up the mountain after practice one day. We had stopped to look at a turn and this marmot ran under the MINI. He was sitting right in front of the back wheel.  We were afraid to drive because of the Little Fella (didn’t want to run over him) so we both got out of the car and tried to talk him out. We waited for like five minutes waiting for the dude to come out from the car. After the lack of sleep and tons of caffeine, Rebecca and I thought this was the funniest thing and just HAD to get a picture of him.


Last Friday Grant and I spent the day at the kart track training in the Rotax Kart. As a reward for reaching the goals we had set, Grant even gave me a few laps in his Stohr Sports Racer. What a blast that car is!

Savannah Rickli Goes Hollywood?!
…..Or something Like that.

This upcoming weekend, Grant and I will be flying to the Hollywood area to meet with some potential sponsors. We 30are very excited about the prospects of the deal, and I really hope that Grant and I have a successful week. We will pass along final information as it becomes available!

It is important for me to continually recognize that it is because of my sponsors that allows me to go racing.

It is my honor to welcome our new sponsors to be part of our 2011 Pikes Peak Program!

TCE Performance Products LLC was founded by Todd Cook in 1993 and is based in Tempe, Arizona. Todd Cook is a record holder on Pikes Peak as well, and has spent many years as a driver in the Hill Climb.  For more information “like” TCE on Facebook or visit their website at

Lost Coffee is a start-up coffee company based in Castle Rock, Colorado. We call ourselves a coffee company because that’s exactly what we’re creating. Not just a coffee shop. A coffee company. For more information, find them on Twitter @lostcoffe, “like” them on Facebook, or visit their website at

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