Boulder, Colorado – Fingers Crossed Racing is coming up on their six-month anniversary. In just half a year, the team has already accomplished some incredible things. To help them attain their lofty goals, the Fingers Crossed Racing Team continues to grow. With the Pikes Peak Hill Climb just around the corner, the FCR team is delighted to announce the addition of their newest team member.

Ralston Valley High School Senior, Stephen Harris, is joining the FCR team as the official 2012 Intern. Fingers Crossed Racing announced their internship program in March and the team was thrilled with the response to the program. With so many strong applicants, Fingers Crossed Racing conducted interviews with several candidates before making their final decision. Fingers Crossed Racing’s co-founder Savannah Rickli said that, “Stephen’s enthusiasm made him a strong candidate from the start. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is more excited or more passionate the position.”

Stephen joined the Fingers Crossed Racing team this past weekend at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Team driver Valentin Ivanitski successfully began working towards his Competition License with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). Valentin was immediately impressed with Stephen’s willingness to help and his support at the track. Valentin says that, “His confidence around the pits is crucial and very helpful in the fast paced enviornment. He will certainly become a valuable part of the team by the end of the season!.”

Harris took some time to answer a few questions to help all of our groupies get to know him better. And yes, he got some team bonus points for his answer to the fifth question!

FCR: How did you hear about Fingers Crossed Racing?
SH: My friend who does RallyCross introduced me to them.

FCR: What is your daily driver?
SH: 2001 Twin Turbo Audi A6, Manual 6 Speed

FCR: What are your post high school plans?
SH: Attend college to pursue a fire science degree hoping to become a firefighter.

FCR: What’s your favorite animal?
SH: A shark… because who doesn’t enjoy watching shark week.

FCR: What are you looking forward to most about being a part of the hill climb this year?
SH: I’m excited to see what it takes for a race team to compete at Pikes Peak.  Also looking forward to hanging out with awesome people like Savannah and Val.

FCR: Are you most interested in the driving, business or mechanical side of racing?
SH: I love the hands on that comes with the mechanical aspect, but who doesn’t like going fast?

FCR: If you could be any car, what kind would you be, and why?
SH: I would be an Audi R8 GT with up to 560 horsepower…. Of course!

FCR: What is something that most people don’t know about you?
SH: I’m really into wake skating.

FCR: Favorite television show?
SH: Workaholics.

FCR: We all know the team dog, Cooper, and how he loves being a part of everything the FCR does… especially photos.  How do you get along with Cooper?
SH: Cooper is my favorite, I consider him the team mascot.  He is always happy to see anyone who plays with him!