It’s the longest endurance race in the world and it starts right here.  Friday practice and qualifying at the 25 hours, is a chance for the teams to make final preparations and ultimately define their place on the grid for the Saturday start.  With more than eighty teams entered for the 10th annual endurance test, it has become more important than ever.  Teams scramble relentlessly; and the activity and anticipation is evident every inch along the entire length of Thunderhill’s long, narrow pit area.  The race has grown from a club level event, to what is described now as a “semi-professional” event that sees teams spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here are some of my shots from Friday:














More to come…

Written by Ken Stouffer

Ken Stouffer

I've been around some form of racing since I was a kid. First hanging around Ascot in Southern California. Then, after moving to Texas as a teen, I got hooked on drag racing and did that for almost fifteen years. In between I have raced Dirt bikes and Quads.
2011 Marked my 8th and final year racing up Pikes Peak: Five in the Pro Quad division and three in Time Attack. Future racing plans are in the works, but until then I'm at the track shooting for My Life at Speed as much as I possibly can.

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