YouTube Description:  Formula 1 is a world of glamour, passion and excitement. It’s a world with a long history and a lot of stories. Many of them have good endings but there are also some which we would wish never happened. Many drivers had a pleasure to win and some even tasted the feeling of being world champions. Only the best of the best can drive those beasts around all the challenging tracks in the world – from Monaco to Suzuka. There also some legendary names in the sport, like Fangio, Clark, Stewart, Lauda, Prost, Senna and Schumacher, which give you “goose bumps” just when you hear them… without any doubts Formula 1 is a queen of Motorsport and only the fans can understand why we sit in front of our TVs from March until November almost every weekend and watch how more then twenty greatest drivers in the world are chasing the championship winning trophy. It’s a long journey full of challenges and every single man in a team has to work very hard – it’s a dream which comes true only for the very best.

Formula 1 is also my big passion and it took me over 3 months to make this video happen. My passion and love to Formula one was always in my mind. Every day I think about this sport and I enjoyed every activities with it. Making videos is the way how I describe my emotions and feelings to Formula 1, but this one should be very special. I worked every day for 3 months to get the maximum of my skill to make the video more emotional and epic. Behind these 17 Minutes of hard work is the Love to Formula 1 and I hope that lots of people here understand this or feel exactly the same.Thank you for your support and enjoy the live..

1.) Hans Zimmer — Lost but won
2.) Thomas Bergersen – Immortal
3.) Audiomachine – As Daylight Dies
4.) Epic Score – Creator of Worlds
5.) Hans Zimmer — We are free