Any exotic car show worth its salt is bound to have what I call a “Lotus garden.” That’s a group of about three or more Lotus motor cars in flashy colors like lime green, bright yellow or radioactive orange. Nothing wrong with any of that, but there’s a sexy brute prowling the streets of Denver, Colorado that will have your eyeballs sending you thank you notes. We present this Lotus Exige with an all carbon fiber body from Revozport and Reverie. If that’s not enough the interior has more carbon fiber in customized parts by Reverie. On even closer inspection you’ll find:

* Water to air intercooled supercharger from BOE Fabrication
* Act clutch
* MWR lightweight flywheel
* ITG cold air intake
* PPE ceramic coated headers with sport cat
* Larini club sport side exit 6 inch exhaust
* Braille lightweight battery

Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige
Who needs a paint job when you’ve got all that carbon fiber?
Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige
Want to go for a ride? Don’t mind if we do!
Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige
Stick shift, of course. Nothing else will do.
Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige
A look under the hood
Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige
Carbon fiber from tip…
Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige
…to tail

Upon completion of all the modifications, a stock Exige weighing 2,020 lbs with 190hp was transformed into a track day beast with 325hp and 1,960 lbs on the scale. Oh yeah, this Lotus is no delicate flower but a track day beast and we got to chat with its keeper *cough* owner, Cody B.

MLAS: Are you a “car guy”?
Cody B:
I have always loved cars. As a kid I would always draw pictures of my dream cars, Porsches, Ferraris and the McLaren F1. When I sold my 350Z I was planning to buy a Porsche 911 and then saw an Exige and liked the looks so much more. I also liked that the Exige was more rare than a Porsche.  Then I drove the Exige and was immediately sold.

MLAS: Is this the first car you’ve had customized in such a fashion?
Yes, my last car was a stock 2004 Nissan 350Z

MLAS: Why the Lotus Exige and how long have you had it?
I bought the car because I loved the looks. The styling to me was reminiscent of the styling of the 246 Dino and Ferrari P330. I have had the car for six years.

MLAS: When you bought the car, was this what you always had in mind for it?
I was not really planning to do any of the upgrades when I got the car.

MLAS: Why such specific alterations?
I have an obsession with carbon fiber. Both of my bicycles (road and mountain bike) are full carbon.  Even my wedding ring is carbon fiber. When I found someone making carbon fiber bodies for the Exige I just had to do it. The engine modifications were to bring the performance to the level I was wanting: 190hp stock to 325hp now.

MLAS: From start to finish, how long did the process take?
It took about two months to have the body made, shipping was by boat, train and truck and room about a month. Then the shop had my car for about 2 months to replace the body. So overall it was about 5 months.

MLAS: Now that it produces 325hp with a reduced weight of 1,960lbs. Have you taken it to a track yet and if so, how does it run?
I did before the body replacement. Now that I have so much invested in the body it has become more of a road/show car.

MLAS: What’s the general reaction you’ve received from people when they see the car?
Everyone loves the car. I normally get comments on how unique it is. Also a lot of people ask if it is a wrap.

MLAS: Are you happy with it?
I love the car. It fits me so well. I can’t imagine ever selling it.

MLAS: Would you do this again? If so, which car would you choose the next time around?
It is hard to say. I do really want a Porsche 997. I think it would be cool to add a supercharger. No carbon body for that though.

Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige

A Final Word

Special thanks go to Nathan Leach-Proffer who not only shot these gorgeous photos but also connected us with Cody. You can see more of Nathan’s work online at and connect with him via social media on:

Twitter @speedphotos
Instagram @speedphotos