It happens.  Sometimes life gets hold of us and we miss getting things done that should have gotten done.  Much like my post for the AMA Flat Track Nationals at the Sacramento Mile earlier this year.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only event that I failed to get a post completed.  Keep an eye out for a few others as we quickly approach the end of another year…

Here are some of my favorite photos from one of my favorite events of the year.

Sacmile14-1-30 Sacmile14-1-29

Sacmile14-1 Sacmile14-1-3 Sacmile14-1-4 Sacmile14-1-8 Sacmile14-1-9 Sacmile14-1-10 Sacmile14-1-11 Sacmile14-1-12 Sacmile14-1-14 Sacmile14-1-18 Sacmile14-1-21 Sacmile14-1-22 Sacmile14-1-23 Sacmile14-1-25 Sacmile14-1-26 Sacmile14-1-27 Sacmile14-1-28