Just when we thought we’d seen everything, here comes Subaru with a grindhouse-styled “movie trailer” starring X Games and Global Rallycross star, Bucky Lasek.  A hot, blonde country girl with an affinity for short shorts and shirts that leave nothing to the imagination (no really) falls madly in love with a dark and mysterious stranger at the wheel of a 2015 Subaru WRX STi.  Of course, her Daddy’s the Sheriff and Mama’s distressed about her baby being taken away – oh, the humanity!  How much can you handle, My Life at Speeders?  Hat tips go to Global Rallycross and Jen Horsey.

YouTube Description:
Studio: DoubleURXXX Productions
Starring: Bucky Lasek, Michael Wiles, Kayslee Collins, Jenette Goldstein, Eddie Rice, Jr.

Official Website: http://www.therideofherlife.com

Plot Summary:
A gorgeous young country girl falls in love with a handsome, mysterious drifter and his handsomer and mysteriouser car, igniting a winner-take-all war between him and her overprotective father, the toughest sheriff in the world — forcing her to choose between the man who raised her and the man with the turbocharged machine to give her…The Ride of Her Life!

The Ride of Her Life with Bucky Lasek
Screenshot from The Ride of Her Life with Bucky Lasek featuring Kayslee Collins