The Legends of the Road are getting ready to relay race on bicycles in the Race Across America. Watch Dave Mirra, Dave Zabriskie, Ben Bostrom and Micky Dymond come together for the first time in the Riding The Line YouTube series. Also check out our exclusive interviews with Micky Dymond and Ben Bostrom to find out more about this event. We can all help them make history by checking out their donation page.

YouTube Description:
For the first time, the Legends of the Road Team rides together at team training camp in California. There was a lot to cover in 3 days including race strategy, safety, rules, and team structure. The team camaraderie and competitiveness was very evident!

They are ready for the challenge of RAAM, less than two weeks away. If you have ever been inspired by one of the Legends of the Road, please consider donating a small amount to help the crew support the team on the road:

Featured Image courtesy The Legends of the Road Facebook page