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The Evolution of the Mountain Bike

Professional mountain bike riders thrill us with continuous displays of skill, physical dexterity and courage.  While the riders are truly exceptional individuals, it would be hard to imagine them perform quite so well without suitable bikes which can withstand such vigorous activities.  In this new Red Bull film, Darren “Bearclaw” Berrecloth, reminisces about early mountain bike models and the difficulties riders faced in those days before showing us all what a current bike can do in picturesque British Colombia.

Written by Marsha Haneiph

Born and raised in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Marsha aka "One Opinionated Woman" has been a race fan from childhood. Despite a soft spot for rallycross, she finds interest in all forms of motorsport and enjoys learning about exciting, new varieties. Her personal blog 'One Opinionated Woman' focuses on fitness, food and fast cars.

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