It’s day two of the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally: 7 a.m. rolls around as we get prepared for the day.  With a quick stop at the Tioga Fairgrounds we part ways.  Service crew takes the vans to the service area just outside Galeton, PA.  Drivers and co-drivers make their way to Parc Expo in Wellsboro.  I decide to head out to Stage 6 Asaph spectator area.

Anxiously awaiting cars at Asaph Run Picnic Area, hundreds of spectators overlook the road from hillsides and scattered throughout the woods.

Will Orders sliding out of the right hand corner off the newly built bridge


Ross Alan speeding past the spectator point
Ross Alan speeding past the spectator point

With Stage 6 Asaph Road completed, Will had a time of 36min 21.5 seconds, 2min and 49.7 seconds off the 1st place driver; maintaining his 1st place in the 2wd class by 17seconds.  Ross Allan time of 37min 55.6seconds held him in 5th place for 2wd Class.  With enough time to make it to stage 11, the next location, I could make it too so I hung tight and watched, as the rest of the competitors rallied through the woods.

Stage 7
Will 43min 54.5 sec (3min 18.7seconds off Fastest Time) also stretching his 1st place lead in 2WD Class to a 28 second gap.
Ross 46min 02.8sec, just 19 seconds off 4th places Chris Greenwood and his 2003 Dodge Neon.

Stage 8
Will 50min 1.1 sec (4min 1.6 seconds off fastest time) holding 7th place overall.
Ross 52min 27.9sec just 25 seconds off the Dodge Neon.  With a DNF for Dillon Van Way, Ross moved into 4th place.

Stage 9
Will 60min 40.1 sec (5min 32.6sec off fastest).
Ross 1hr 3min, 1.1seconds over Chris Greenwood’s 1hr 3min 1.2sec.  Ross moved into 3rd place by just .1 second!

Stage 10
The red flag was thrown closing the stage, Adam Yeoman of FY Racing slid off the road at roughly 75 miles an hour, hitting a tree.  Thankfully Adam and his co-driver only suffered minor cuts and bruises; and Adam had a slight concussion.  Will was the first car on scene to the accident, finding driver and co-driver walking around trying to setup safety triangles.  Drivers of Stage 10 received points, others moved on to stage 12.


Stage 11
Turned into a transit stage and was driven through after time delays of the accident on 10, as well as spectators parking on course, causing an unsafe road way.

Shot of Will on Stage Canceled Stage 11


With 11 being canceled, I drove off to service on the way to stage 12.  Summit Team was already underway working on both cars0  Ross’ car was having some clutch issues but was still operational.  It was a different story for Will’s car; tearing apart the valve cover, checking compression, spark and various other engine components, the car was not running.  It was later decided that it was the crank angle sensor that failed. It was tough to see Will get a DNF while in 1st place.  Ross moved up to 2rd place and headed out to stage 12 after refueling.


I drove out to stage 12 and having to park behind spectators and running a mile with camera gear, I missed out on capturing Ross’s Run at 12.  I later caught up with the team at the Tioga Fairgrounds for the Super Special Stages 15 and 16.

What happened to Ross on 12,13 14 you ask?

Stage 12:
1hr 25min 34.1, stretching his 0.1 second lead to 25.1 second lead over Chris Greenhouse.

Stage 13:
1hr 38min 26.6sec, still 19.9 seconds over Chris Greenhouse but 3 min and 50 second off of 1st place.

Stage 14:
1hr 50min 57.7 sec, Ross stretched his lead to a 45.5 second over 3rd.

dsc_9052Super Special Stage takes place at the Tioga Fairgrounds and is a grated path, on a hillside.  Two cars are lined up side-by-side and battle it out, on the course with a crossover point.  Both cars travel the same path and compete to be first across the line.  After Stages 15 and 16, Ross maintained his 45 second lead over 3rd place securing a 2nd Place Victory at STPR!

What’s next after Team summit has taken two Second Place Trophy’s in Rally America’s 2012 season?  Well it’s off to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for Will Orders!  Then followed up with New England Forest Rally.

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Super Special Stage 15


Summit Rally Team!
Summit Rally Team!
Champagne Victory Shower!
Champagne Victory Shower!
Brothers: Scott Allan Navigator and Ross Allan Driver
Brothers: Scott Allan Navigator and Ross Allan Driver

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