One day you have snow, the next you have 60 degree weather, but that never seems to dampen the enthusiasm of a true Rocky Mountain race car driver.  We’ve already had two great events this spring, SCCA RMSolo and NASA Rocky Mountain.

I remember having a hand at Solo racing with my TR-4 back in the 70’s (we called it autocross back then), and I recall the intensity of the moment when I was on the course. I gave it everything I had which was usually too much, as I typically ended up outside of the cones…or into the cones for that matter.

That same intensity is evident today.

TR4The Rocky Mountain Solo group had a terrific turnout on March 30th, from seasoned veterans to first-timers. The cars ranged from the exotic, purpose-built racer with really sticky tires, to the daily driver with street tires that scream like a…well, you can fill in that blank.  It was truly a “run-what-ya-brung” event.

Philip_RMSolo_033013-3183The majestic Pikes Peak in the background and the gorgeous weather, ignited everyone’s enthusiasm for this challenging temporary parking lot course.  SCCA Rocky Mountain Solo runs a professional and safe event, which showcases a traditional grassroots love for motorsports.

You’d never have guessed that April 6th was the first event of the year for the NASA Rocky Mountain racers. Close competition and a few banged fenders proved that some were on a mission for a championship year.

NASA sports a wide variety of car classification, ranging from a Porsche 997 GT3 to a Fiat 500 Abarth. While there are several very competitive classes, the HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) walks the beginner through 4 stages of performance driving. Whether you are planning to be a race driver or desire to just be a safer driver you can learn the necessary skills in a supervised and safe environment.

These two events have sufficiently kick-started my season of photographic adventure.  I like to capture the “threading of the needle” on a tight Solo race course as well as the flat out door banging competition on a true road course.


I’ve put a couple of galleries together for your enjoyment.  See you out at the track.

SCCA Rocky Mountain Solo – March 30, 2013

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NASA Rocky Mountain – April 6, 2013

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