Rally America’s 2013 National Championship season kicked off Jan. 25-26 at Sno*Drift Rally in Northern Michigan. The rally challenges teams to 2 days, 20 stages and 110 miles of racing on public roads without studded tires.

Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino debuted the all-new 2013 Hoonigan Racing Division Fiesta H.F.H.V. The team was forced to retire early on Day 1 (after SS2) with an electrical issue and took a 20 minute penalty in order to start Day 2, under Super Rally rules, putting them 11th overall. Block and Gelsomino made up time on Day 2, winning 6 out of 12 stages that day and finishing 6th overall.

Dillon Van Way and Andrew Edwards piloted the Turbo Fiesta to a second place finish in the two-wheel drive class and earned 9th overall at the rally. Ed McNelly and Ole Holter pulled in a second Fiesta on podium in the two-wheel drive class finishing third in their Team O’Neil Rally School Fiesta R2.