dsc_0839SEMA, like Las Vegas has quite a reputation.  Given the opportunity to attend, who would refuse?  Not this girl!  All things automotive packed into one event, plus Sin City!  The excitement was contagious!  I was told it would be an unforgettable experience, one that was on any gearhead’s bucket list, and it proved to be that and more.

Specialty Equipment Market Association- most girls would tune out right there, nothing but boys talking about cars.  Well, that’s only partially true.  It seemed that I was one of few women that attended by sheer choice, but thankfully the vendors were welcoming instead of condescending.  Every booth vied for your attention – bright colors, perfectly placed products, and of course, the cars.  Classics and new, exotics to daily drivers, there was truly something for everyone.  Whether your temptation is restoring your old Camaro, making your Supra faster, or putting flashy rims and candy paint on your Impala – SEMA had something to offer.  Brand names down to the little guys, you were sure to find something to spark your interest.  The Convention Center was almost overwhelming at times.  Several large, multiple story buildings were jam packed full of vendors.  So much to see and so many things to catch your eye. Snap some pictures, get a few posters signed, and then back to the hotel to relieve your aching feet!


SEMA was not just the convention center displays, but continued on with the automotive community after hours.  This was the SEMA experience.  Business promotion by day, car talk over dinner, and VIP parties by night.  I had the pleasure of meeting many innovators in the industry; companies with novel ideas and an intimate understanding of mechanical performance.  And of course, I met those who could only seem to speak highly of their own résumé.  Smile, laugh, nod, agree and disagree, then on to the parties.  The nightlife in Vegas was unmatched!  Beautiful people all dressed to impress strutting down the strip searching for the hottest clubs.  We found ourselves at a few top spot nightclubs including Chateau Nightclub & Gardens for the Falken Tire party. I felt like a celebrity all night!


In all, I left Sin City absolutely exhausted with a huge grin on my face and stories to tell….and some never to speak of again.



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