The first day at a new job is always a little weird. You have to learn people’s names, restroom location, refrigerator rules, etc. This often involves constantly forgetting people’s names, getting lost on the way to the restroom are and realizing your unmarked lunch has been nicked from the fridge. Even four-time F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel looked like there were butterflies in his belly, grinning nervously at the Fiorano Circuit where he laid down rubber in an F2012 car. The twenty-seven year old German has big shoes to fill. Not outgoing driver Fernando Alonso’s but F1 legend Michael Schumacher who won five out of his seven world championships for Ferrari. No pressure, right? Vettel and his new co-worker Kimi Raikkonen have the unenviable task of pulling Ferrari out of its slump. Good luck, Seb!