Sometimes even the most experienced, well thought out plans….just don’t turn out the way you had expected.  One of our favorite people at My Life at Speed, autoedit‘s Jason Lewis, had the “mis-adventure” in Death Valley as he made his way home from SEMA to LA.  Check out his adventure in the video below.  Like Jason’s YouTube page at autoedit.  Make sure to watch at 13:18, cool trick!  Thanks Jason for a great adventure!

YouTube Description:  I thought it might be nice to cruise through the lower portion of Death Valley on my way home from the SEMA show in Las Vegas… and what should have been a 8 hour drive turned into an accidental camping trip.

Hop on board for a little adventure through the Striped Butte Valley and check out some of the sights and sounds of this little corner of Death Valley.
Thanks for watching!