After the adventurous “Road to Bonneville: Taken with a grain of salt”.  I’m at it again, on the road to fill my life with my passion for cars.  This Trip? SEMA!  SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is the largest car trade show in the world.  It is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center and covers over 2 Million square feet, attracting buyers from 100’s of countries.  This is THE show of all shows!

DSC_6749 (Custom)The journey was to begin Saturday morning in hopes to make it to Eugene, Oregon to check watch the WSU, Oregon Game.  However, as luck – err – work would have it, a few last minute vinyl projects for the Apollo Performance 09 WRX and packing kept us busy till the end of the day when we finally left town.  When Matt Tagles and I finally got going we were excited to get this trip underway.

Matt and I met up with our friend, Sarah Carter, in Eugene, and after a quick stop, we grabbed some food and headed to Reno.  Sarah, will be joining us on our SEMA adventures Halloween Night.  We had a quick stop in Modoc Point, for a stretch break and an impromptu photo shoot.  At 3a.m. in the middle of nowhere with no ambient city lights, it’s amazing how many stars can be seen.  We fueled up in Klamath Falls, then saw the sun rise just 20 miles north of Reno.

As well drove through “The Biggest Little City in the World” we searched for a breakfast.  We found Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs which is voted best breakfast in town, and we had to agree it was a great way to rejuvenate our spirits.  After breakfast it was a quick 20 min. investment opportunity at Harrah’s Casino (when in Rome right?); and then it was the last 8 hour driving stretch to Vegas!

The final stretch seemed to last forever the closer we got to the “city that never sleeps”.  With short pit stops for fuel we made good time, rolling into Vegas at 7:00 p.m. 26hrs in a car, 1150 miles later we arrived.

Stay tuned for more of our SEMA Adventures!



Geared up for SEMA Thank you Jon Bodwell for the 2 Cases of Wired Energy Drinks!

1029111500a (Custom)

Getting ready for the road

1029111535 (Custom)

Sunset leaving Olympia

IMG_6221 (Custom)

Sarah Carter, Our pretty Polar Bear we met within Eugene!

DSC_6703 (Custom)

3 A.M. Photo Shoots

DSC_6743 (Custom)

Sunrise outside of Reno

sunrise (Custom)

RENO: Just passing thru, Thanks for Breakfast!

Reno (Custom)

Rooftops at Harrah’s time to earn gas money!

DSC_6865 (Custom)

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