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“Road To Amelia” With John Campion

“Road To Amelia” With John Campion

John Campion S4John Campion is an Irishman, he lives in Jacksonville, FL, and he has a pretty awesome Lancia collection. I first ran into him briefly at this years Amelia Island Conours D’Elegance and immediately fell in love with his Group B S4 and the beastly sound it made.  After stalking scrolling his Instagram feed I realized this guy was about more than just the pristine S4 I had seen at the show, he was an enthusiast.  Here was a man who truly loved old Lancia rally cars and took it upon himself to collect his favorites and care for his heroes.

John gets it. These cars aren’t his trailer queens, although they are looked after as such.  These cars are treated with the respect that any hard working race car deserves.  They get driven!

Check out the Lancias he brought to Amelia in 2015 in “Road To Amelia”:

Written by Mike Miessler

Mike Miessler

I inherited the "car gene" from my brother. He painted car models. I crashed them. After a short stint in college on an FSAE team, I realized that I'm better at fixing cars than I am at driving them. That took me around the U.S. and Canada playing with race cars of all sorts; Formula Fords, MX5 Cup cars, and Porsche Cup cars.

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