The Red Bull Off-Road Rally Racing Team is ready for the Dakar Rally 2014.  The race will be held January 5th to 18th across Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.  In this video, we see some of the biggest stars from the 2013 race stand-off in “A Fistful of Trophies.”  Past winners Carlos Sainz, Cyril Despres, Marc Coma, Nasser Al-Attiyah and Eduard Nikolaev take up arms against Francisco Chaleco Lopez and Ruben Faria.  Let’s not forget the special appearance by Vladimir Chagin aka “The Tsar of Dakar” which must be one of the best monikers in motorsports.  The guys did a great job channeling western movie stars like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Lee Van Cleef.  However, it’s all fun and games until we get to South America.  We can’t wait to see what will unfold next year and share the greatest rally raid on planet earth with you!

YouTube Description:
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Welcome at Desert Creek! We are in the Far Far West & everybody knows that there are no rules in the desert. A band of malos bandidos, riding wild bikes, suddenly trouble the quietness of the lonely dusty village. They will ride away with the holy grail, a Dakar trophy that takes pride in the middle of the village. But, this does not intimidate the village Elders who jump onto their vehicles for a full-throttle chase through the desert. What are they all fighting for?! The crown of the 2014 Dakar! To be continued – January 2014…

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Red Bull Off Road Rally Racing Team
Screenshot from A Fistful Dollars showing the Red Bull Off Road Rally Racing Team in action!