On October 27th, the Inde Motorsports Ranch was the host of an event that raised over $20k for the American Cancer Society.  Inde Motorsports Ranch donated the race track to support our event and the American Cancer Society; and hosts for the event were:  SportTruckRV, Freightliner of AZ and Kai Goddard Motorsports.

SportTruckRV, Freightliner of AZ and Kai Goddard Motorsports were responsible for organizing the fundraiser.

There is something exciting about watching a sunrise at a racetrack, as cars begin pass over crests and navigate around the terrain.

The first sight as we stepped out of our car was this beautiful Mercedes Gullwing. It had racing numbers on it, so we could only hope that we would see it out on the track.


Being new to Arizona, this was quite a different track experience for Savannah and myself. Inde Motorsports Ranch did a wonderful job connecting nature and machine.

Kai, the man responsible for organizing the fundraiser got geared up, as the participants lined up for their first track session.

The day started with a lead-follow, giving the drivers a chance to familiarize themselves with their new playground.

It was evident that everyone was having a great time at the fund raiser, as the Porsches started to challenge each other around corners and the smell of hot tires and brakes blew in the breeze.


During one of the sessions, Savannah and I were able to sit down with Dave Smith and chat about his career with stock car racing. Look for some exciting stock car action coming out of Arizona in the near future from Dave and his team.

The event was open for both cars and bikes, so it was exciting to see the bikes gripping through the corners.


Can’t forget to include the Audi love!



The view behind all these shots is truly something new to us. As the cars went round and round, I couldn’t help myself but to be reminded of the scenery from the Cars movie in Radiator Springs.

Not only is the Inde Motorsports Ranch built on some beautiful land, but it is technologically advanced as well. The corner stations are 100% electronic, as an operator controls green, red, and yellow flags from the control tower.

Despite its large size, the Panamera proved yet again that it was a Porsche at heart as it flew through the corners.


Quattro was well represented. This Audi TT belted quite an impressive note, one that rivaled the other cars even though most had eight or more cylinders.


Ah yes! Finally the Gullwing made it out for some hot laps, despite the age, the elegant curves of the body line were astounding and easy to spot anywhere on the track.



As the day went on, Arizona showed us its true colors, I have never seen such a beautiful combination of reds, greens, blues, and purples in nature before.

Drivers are encouraged to stay on the tarmac, as any off road excursions could end up prickly!

It is always good for these supercars to be reminded that they are in the presence of machines much faster than them.

Despite all the advances in technology, the Mercedes SLS AMG shows its true roots to the original Gullwing as our day came to a close. Quite the day really, and a great introduction to the Arizona motorsports community thanks to Kai and his team.

The over $20,000 raised for the American Cancer Society was a combination of the Freightliner of AZ Grand Opening and the 27th SportTruckRV High-Performance Driving and Charity Event.  A huge congratulations to the entire team for raising well over $20,000 for the American Cancer Society.  A great time was had by all!!!  Special thanks go to Inde Motorsports Ranch for being the event host.

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