As we love to say here at My Life at Speed, “The lifestyle associated with going fast is one filled with high energy characters, risk takers, and lots of great stories”.  And when you meet a guy like Jay Canter, a great big exclamation point is added to that statement!  Jay is definitely a character among characters and never leaves you guessing when it comes to what’s on his mind.   This is a good thing.

Jay has been a professional, making his living every day, as a photographer for over SEVENTEEN years.  And when you manage a career like that, it comes with a laundry list of events covered, countries traveled and people met.  Now, it would be easy enough to just give you this brief look into what it is that Jay does and call it soup.  However, doing so would deprive you of the great and unusual stories that typically accompany a life spent in pursuit of the “perfect shot”.

And so, my good friends, why don’t we just call this a teaser…a brief look, if you will, at a bigger than life personality that we will feature in greater depth, very soon, as part of our “Shoot the Shooter” series.

Here’s my Five Minutes with professional Photographer, Jay Canter, as we discuss shooting Formula Drift.

Check out some of Jay’s fine work below!