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Rai 1 Easy Driver Ms Artrix 12.01.13 – Regia di Luca Bracali

MS ARTRIX, Italian atelier founded in 1995, located in the beautiful mountains of Valle d’Aosta (Italy), has achieved many successes in various contests, as a manufacturer of motorcycle unique, offering a unique style and unmistakable. A true Italian excellence in the motorcycle industry.

The motorcycles are made by hand by skilled craftsmen, and the production of the motorcycle including painting airbrush, is performed within the atelier.

In this video made by famous Italian TV show Easy Rider, recount the activities and the motorcycles of the atelier Ms Artrix.

Among the famous customers of MS ARTRIX include, Matteo Materazzi (important FIFA agent and brother of the famous soccer player Marco), Andrea Formilli Fendi of the famous family of fashion designers, Jimmy Ghione famous Italian TV journalist, Giulio Basoccu plastic surgeon of international renown, etc.

MS Artrix in 2012 has been certified “Master Bike Builder II” by the “International Master Bike Builders Association” of Jeff Starke, putting the Italian atelier, among the best twentysix customizer of the world.

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