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Prepare to have your mind bent


Red Bull media and Kriss Kyle teamed up to produce one of the best looking, most mind bending, ridiculously entertaining BMX films in recent memory.  I’ve already watched it a dozen times, and I’ll watch another dozen times…incredible.

Check it out and share it!

Written by Ken Stouffer

Ken Stouffer

I've been around some form of racing since I was a kid. First hanging around Ascot in Southern California. Then, after moving to Texas as a teen, I got hooked on drag racing and did that for almost fifteen years. In between I have raced Dirt bikes and Quads.
2011 Marked my 8th and final year racing up Pikes Peak: Five in the Pro Quad division and three in Time Attack. Future racing plans are in the works, but until then I'm at the track shooting for My Life at Speed as much as I possibly can.

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