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Power Lap With The Stig!

We love fast cars but no matter how great a press release makes a new model out to be, there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel ourselves. Or watching when somebody else does it like our co-founder Greg Tracy, Robb Holland, /DRIVE’s Chris Harris and others. Then there’s The Stig, Top Gear’s own tame racing driver and pop culture icon. The current Stig’s identity remains a mystery, although rumor has it that many famous drivers have donned the white racing suit and helmet over the years. Formula 1 great, Michael Schumacher, hilariously outed himself as The Stig in a Season 2 episode. (Forza Michael!)

Regardless the Top Gear Power Lap board is chock full of The Stig’s handiwork which has turned out to be the final word in a way on which supercar is truly fastest. One track, one professional driver, and one hot lap is all we need really. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s The Stig setting a time of 01:17.5 with the Mercedes-AMG GT S at the Top Gear Test Track.

Written by Marsha Haneiph

Born and raised in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Marsha aka "One Opinionated Woman" has been a race fan from childhood. Despite a soft spot for rallycross, she finds interest in all forms of motorsport and enjoys learning about exciting, new varieties. Her personal blog 'One Opinionated Woman' focuses on fitness, food and fast cars.

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