We love fast cars but no matter how great a press release makes a new model out to be, there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel ourselves. Or watching when somebody else does it like our co-founder Greg Tracy, Robb Holland, /DRIVE’s Chris Harris and others. Then there’s The Stig, Top Gear’s own tame racing driver and pop culture icon. The current Stig’s identity remains a mystery, although rumor has it that many famous drivers have donned the white racing suit and helmet over the years. Formula 1 great, Michael Schumacher, hilariously outed himself as The Stig in a Season 2 episode. (Forza Michael!)

Regardless the Top Gear Power Lap board is chock full of The Stig’s handiwork which has turned out to be the final word in a way on which supercar is truly fastest. One track, one professional driver, and one hot lap is all we need really. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s The Stig setting a time of 01:17.5 with the Mercedes-AMG GT S at the Top Gear Test Track.