This Vimeo video by Eric Sterman of Sterman Aerial Photography captures the power and beauty of surfing.  We’ve seen many films and photographs of surfers and by surfers from just about every conceivable angle.  However the use of time lapse in this film made the people look like little bugs on the water.  Then again, that’s what we are when compared with the vastness of an ocean.  Little bugs trying to move harmoniously with something so much bigger than ourselves and capable of crushing us in an instant.  This is Pipeline Winter 2013.  Hat tip goes to Gregory Gonzalez for sharing the video.

Vimeo Description:
Happy new year everyone!
Thought I would put together some of my aerial footage of 2013.
All shots were on the North Shore of Oahu, Pipeline.
More winter swells to come!
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Music: Lindsey Stirling – Crystalize.
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