Here to Here: An ode to California

Vimeo Description: No matter how often and where we travel, the heart will always remain at home. Filmmaker Morgan Maassen and surfer Nole Cossart have gone on a road trip with the GLC through their home state California. Out of the city, into nature – and always looking for waves along the way. “Here to Here: Chasing waves with the GLC in California.” Find more information on

Morgan and Nole followed the Pacific Coast Highway, driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back again. They visited the mountains of Santa Ynez, went hiking through the Los Padres Forest and traversed the dunes of Point Reyes. They continued their route to Big Sur, one of the most beautiful coastlines of the world, and visited the majestic Redwoods in Muir Woods. During their trip they were constantly looking for good waves.

Here to Here: An ode to California. from Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Morgan Maassen:

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