I remember the casual dinner with Justin Wilson, Andy DeVol, Colin and Nina Cantrell many months ago in the fall of 2014. Colin was kind enough to invite us to one of Cantrell Motorsports track days and we became fast friends.

The dinner conversation quickly turned to racing chatter and of course with Andy and my love of the Mountain, Pikes Peak banter also was a topic to discuss. When Justin Wilson, GM of Cantrell Motorsports, said that one of his lifelong dreams was to race the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Of course our reaction was an easy one, let’s go!

I think all were surprised but as we talked more about the possibilities and now….snap to race day week for the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and Justin Wilson is entered in his first Pikes Peak Hill Climb race. He did it. He put in the long hours, the pitches to sponsors, the dedication to get the car ready and with the ability to utilize the facility at Cantrell Motorsports, who are specialists in world class service and products for European and exotic sports cars, Justin could make his dream a reality.

Just like the many who race Pikes Peak, Justin’s journey was not an easy one. There were a lot of “no’s” and a lot of favors being called in just to prepare for the race.  He got it done.

So here we are in the sleepy little town of Manitou Springs with race day tomorrow. We were in the truck as Justin witnessed the drive to Devil’s Playground on the first day of practice, without ever setting foot on the Peak. Needless to say, there was many “oh my gosh” and well, a few holy s@#t reactions to the first drive in a truck and trailer in the pitch black of the pre-dawn hours to take his first drive on the bumpest, highest part of the course.

But Justin kept a cool head, was focused and just drove smart. In fact, he has driven smart all week. It has been exciting to see him live his dream, do well and fall in love with a place we call home one week out of every year. He too is part of the family

My Life at SPEED is proud to have assisted in getting Justin to the mountain and we are proud to help represent Cantrell Motorsports for the first time with two different teams.

About Cantrell Motorsports

Cantrell Motorsports offers world class service and products for European and exotic sports cars from an array of manufacturers. By catering to the customer who appreciates superior service and quality for their vehicle, Cantrell Motorsports takes pride in offering only the best solution for clients who expect excellence as the end result.

Cantrell Motorsports designs and builds our own products as well. We address many different aspects for the sports car enthusiast. You also have the ability to view and buy any of our products right here on our website.

We wish Justin a clean, safe run tomorrow and want to show the world what he experienced so far this week. Check out these photos of the practice sessions on Pikes Peak.


The Green Flag for Justin Wilson’s Qualifying Session
Justin Wilson during a practice session on the lower part of Pikes Peak.
Justin Wilson on the upper section of Pikes Peak
I don’t think so! No 25 mph here!
Early am practices at Devil’s Playground