I may have mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again: people watching is a favorite pastime of mine.  Favorite.  I could sit on a bench and watch people all day.  That’s not creepy, is it?  The people around the Formula Drift paddock are some of the most colorful.  As I may have mentioned, the Formula Drift team puts on one heck of an event; and the drivers, crews, spokesmodels, and even the spectators all play a part in making the people watching here second to none.

Here are some of my favorites from a very busy people watching weekend.

[WHOAGAIN] Danny George

Oh Danny Boy.

Relaxing before a run.

It's his quiet time.

Matt Powers and his crew working on the Heartbreakmobile.

Do we need a bigger hammer?

Bil Baldwin in position.

Bil.  Ready.

Extraordinary videographer Will Roegge.

Will doing work.

The Falken Tire girls looking lovely as ever.


Hankook Tire’s very own Erica Nagashima.

Miss Erica.

The Monster Energy Girls.

That's allota green.

The Monster En…BILL CASWELL!?

Photo-bomb Bill Caswell.

Chris Forsberg waiting on his drift machine.

Former World Champion Chris Forsberg.

The always lovely Tailyr Monette.

Pretty in Pink.

Fredric Aasbo.  I’ve seen video of this guy backing into a drift in a way that would seem to defy what is physically possible.  Can’t wait for the day when I see him do it in person.

Fredric Aasbo

Patrick Mordaunt must have said something pretty darn funny.

Patrick made a funny.

Matt Powers is easy to photograph.  Doubt you could take a bad shot of this kid.  His driving suit this year might be the coolest one I’ve seen.  With interchangeable bow ties, you know, for different occasions.

Powers.  Matt Powers.

Your winner in Long Beach, Dai Yoshihara scored a perfect weekend.  He not only won the event, but he also qualified 1st.  Well done, you.

Congratulations to Round 1 Winner, Dai Yoshihara

If you love people watching as much as I do, then you should definitely get yourself out to the weird, wild world of Formula Drift.

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