Intro from Chris Naz. – It is such a pleasure to have Dave Philip starting to blog for us. Dave – thanks for being part of the team. 😉

Many have speculated that when the last 3 mile section of dirt disappears from Pikes Peak, there will be no Pikes Peak. I beg to differ as evidenced by the influx of new blood/rookies. While perusing the pits during Tech Inspection I could not get over how many riders and drivers stated that this was there first time to challenge the 14,110 foot peak. I also came across some old-timers that said they were going to have another go at it. We are seeing the beginning of a new era for Pikes Peak…low slung, ground effects cars, quads, and sidecars. The dirt may be gone next year, but the Peak offers up new challenges and seeks innovators searching for speed.

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