NHRA Northwest Nationals – Finals –  Eric Gearhart
After a rough two days of qualifying at Pacific Raceways, Friday’s NHRA practice had a lot of cars shutting down early due to lack of traction.  Saturday had a bit of “liquid sunshine” as we Washingtonians know it, which also caused some delays.  The first two days were a bit frustrating for drivers and crews. The lack of consistency made it difficult to get the set up of the cars correctly.  And for Sunday?  Nobody knew if or maybe better yet, when the weather would cooperate.

Race day, the sun finally came out and it was perfect racing weather.  Sunday though, was starting to shape up nicely. Little overcast in the morning allowed for some cool weather and decent track temperatures.  The crowds started streaming into Pacific Raceways and I had the opportunity to offer some VIP suite passes to two My Life at Speed team members.  It was fun to have a group of us together to shoot, catch up and enjoy great racing and weather!

Spectators rolled in and started filling the stands, and were encouraged to come on track for introduction of all the drivers.  As the crowd dispersed the Canadian and US National anthems were sung, and parachutists dropped in carrying the flags.

The excitement was high throughout the day as cars went head to head in the elimination rounds.  In the end there were three champions that remained standing.

Del Worsham Top Fuel,  Tim Wilkerson Funny Car, Jason Line Pro Stock

Del Worsham Top Fuel Winner with a 3.891 @316.38mph

Tim Wilkerson Funny Car Winnner with a 4.146 @300.53mph

Jason Line Pro Stock Winner with a  6.553 @210.87mph

Ron Smith’s Engine fireballing and deploying shoots early in the first round of eliminations

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