May Day 2013, DENVER – Some days are life changing. The day Pheap Seng was diagnosed with breast cancer was one of them. December 20th was another. That’s the day My Life @ SPEED posted my first article ( and many of you responded with donations. You gave nearly $6000 to help pay for her treatment! Today, May 1st 2013 is another. This is the day we draw a name and give that lucky someone a custom built Moto Guzzi Eldorado.

Here in Denver, we are experiencing some unseasonably beautiful weather. I thought I’d take the opportunity to bond with my unsuspecting daughter and change someone’s life. Let me back up a bit.

As I fumbled around the house this morning looking for my coffee, I happened to notice a very nice glass vase that my wife uses for Christmas candy. It’s empty now and I’ve nearly smashed it to smithereens a dozen time since Christmas throwing the ball for Nox, our OCB Boston mix. (Obsessive Compulsive Ball-chaser) Suddenly, a brilliant idea!

It seemed a good idea to put that vase to use so I got a sharpie, a roll of scotch tape, a stack of pink index cards and cut them into strips. I wrote everyone’s name on the strips and taped them shut. I put them in that Christmas jar. I waited.

Enter the unsuspecting daughter.

I grabbed my high tech video equipment, an umbrella drink and a microphone and we headed to the back yard for a multimedia extravaganza!

What you see is the live and uncut, unedited version of the winner of the soon-to-be, custom built Pheap fund, Moto Guzzi Eldorado. Pheap is currently in Singapore for 6 more weeks undergoing chemo and they send their gratitude for your donations, your thoughts, words of encouragement, prayers and well wishes.

And from Sovann Seng, a personal note to all of you that helped his wife Pheap with your generous donation.

Greeting from Phnom Penh, Cambodia! On be haft of my family, we would like to say thank you and show our deepest appreciation for your generosity support to donate your financial by giving sacrificially to help out Pheap’s treatment for her breast cancer. I am humble to update you about Pheap’s treatment process and health: Phase I (Chemotherapy 4 times every 3 weeks), Surgery (Mastectomy and axillary clearance), and Phase II (Chemotherapy 12 times weekly). The Phase I and Surgery was finished and successful and now she is on the Phase II already finished second chemo therefore 10 more to go but the side effect is so strong last week she need to delay the chemo and hopefully she can continue this week. In spite of the challenge we have faced, we feel bless because all of you, mylife@SPEED, and Ray Roske to help us fight to win this battle.
May the Lord bless you back 100 times of what you do to help us.
Best Regards,

Sovann and Pheap with their children after Pheap’s treatment for breast cancer.