MAY 1, 2013 -We have a winner…which will be revealed later tonight. We did not quite meet the goal, but donations were so generous, that those contributions look like they saved a life. 🙂 So…read (and even donate, as more money is needed) but there is a proud new owner of this Guzzi…STAY TUNED!! 🙂

Original Post:

“Hey all you My Life at Speed-ers, Ray Roske is a good friend of mine and I really want to help him….and by helping, you could win a Moto Guzzi customized by Ray. He is a great guy with a big heart and his friend in Cambodia just found out his wife has breast cancer. They have no insurance and I am asking all of you to help if you can. Read on.  Let’s make a difference.” – GT

Ray Roske, the most famous cool bike builder you’ve never heard of, is building another 1973 El Dorado similar to the one in the picture. The one shown is a Pikes Peak Special Edition 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador. The new one will be even cooler.

Pikes Peak Special Edition 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador

Why and why should this be of any interest to you? Because of a couple of very close friends of his, Sovann and Pheap Seng. They live in Phnom Penh Cambodia and work for a church there. Sovann and Pheap have 2 kids (Prina 9  and Sochhantak 7 ). Four weeks ago Pheap found out that she has stage 2 breast cancer. The treatment plan for her is about 10,000 or one year’s salary. They have no medical insurance.

Sovann and Pheap Seng and their two kids.

To help pay for treatment, Ray bought an old Guzzi with the intention of building another version of the Pikes Peak Special Edition and will be giving it away to someone who helps Sovann and Pheap. That lucky someone will help design the paint scheme or just let “Mayday” pick it for you.

He is asking one hundred people to make a minimum of a $100 donation to a PayPal account he has set up for this charity (or write a 10,000 word essay on what charity means to you:) because of course there is no purchase necessary to win the bike.

One hundred percent of your donation goes to Pheap’s treatment. The account will be closed when it reaches 100 people have donated mark, the bike winner will be chosen and build-off will begin. When 100 people have donated, a winner of the Moto Guzzi will be chosen at random.   Winner will be notified by phone or email and on My Life at Speed.

Send to Paypal account Cambodia2020vision@gmail.com.