Billed as the “Fastest Mile in the West”, the Mojave Mile Shootout is an amazing event.  Dozens of cars from super high end exotics to custom built racing karts, compete to set the highest laser recorded speed over the course of one mile on tarmac from a standing start.

Held at the Mojave Air and Space Port, this event is relatively new to the land speed racing world but is growing fast since it’s first event in March of 2010.  The weather is generally good and the runway offers a pristine strip of road with plenty of run-out (even for the cars that push well past the 200 MPH mark) to compete on.

Just walking through the pits is a treat to any car enthusiast, eye candy abounds with twin turbo Ford GT’s, Corvettes of all trims up to the mighty ZR1, purpose built race cars and hot rods and even electric motorcycles.

In this feature you’ll meet a hot rodder named Randy Simmons who built a 47 Hudson pickup truck powered by a Ford Powerstroke turbo-diesel engine churning out 947 horsepower and 1500 lbs. ft. of torque!  Even more amazing than that…he also built the truck so that it can be driven by a quadriplegic.  He is trying to get the truck sorted out so he can give disabled veterans a chance at something they thought would never be possible for them after their debilitating injuries. (

Also in this video, you’ll ride along for a full run with Darryl Weflen in a custom built racing go-kart powered by a 1000cc Yamaha R1 motorcycle engine breathing Nitrous!  So sit back and enjoy a few minutes of the sights and sounds of a day out at the Mojave Mile.

Shot and Edited by: Jason Lewis