The public-service announcement, from NZ Transport Agency, dissects an accident by freezing the moment before impact. A man who pulled out of an intersection too fast pleads for his life and that of his son. “I’m going too fast,” replies the driver of the oncoming car. The point of the advertisement: Other drivers make mistakes also, so be careful.

In (New Zealand) last year, 83 people were killed and 408 were seriously injured in speed-related crashes.

Most road users recognize the risks of driving at speed and support police enforcement of the speed limit. But these statistics show that drivers don’t always practice this when driving: speed is still a contributing factor in 20% of all fatal and serious injury crashes on New Zealand roads.

No one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed we choose to travel at needs to leave room for any potential error.

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