It’s about 90 days to Indy, if my quick count of the calendar is correct and I was thinking about the glory days – the racers, the mystique of Indy and what it meant just to be part of such a magical place. If you haven’t been to the speedway, I am not sure that you can relate. It is one of those places that literally “speaks” to you. For me, Pikes Peak is also a place like Indy – if you just take a moment to listen, the old racers – the people that risked life and limb for the sheer fact of just getting to the 500th mile and to the top of mountain, can relate. It just “is”.

A part of the mystique is also the girls – whether it be present day Formula One Grid Girls or vintage Pikes Peak, “Princess Power” – at every motorsports event I have ever attended or raced – there are always the female persuasion. I collected a few Princess Power vintage photos, over the years, because I think they are cool.  Pikes Peak needs to bring back Princess Power.  Well, maybe a modern day version – but a certain crowd pleaser for sure.

I also stumbled on this vintage clip of the icon of Indy – Linda Vaughn.  She was one of the original Hurst Girls and her presence still draws crowds and admirers every year.  She is as much a part of Indy as an Unser, a Foyt or an Andretti.  There are certain attributes that are just part of racing. Enjoy! GT.

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