Mike Ryan is at it again. This time in a commercial for EMC, an information technology company, demonstrating their ability to provide clients with scale and agility. In the ad, Mike drives the enormous truck on a course, narrowly avoiding some very delicate obstacles. If you want to find out more about Mike, check out our exclusive interview with him and his super-cool Size Matters 2 video.

YouTube Description:
EMC stages an epic Gymkhana with 200 tons of power-sliding heavy metal. With the help of Mike Ryan Motorsports, EMC ReDefines Data Protection and Availability — by demonstrating that market-leading Size and Scale don’t mean you can’t also maintain incredible Agility.

To prove it, EMC’s Data Protection & Availability Division (DPAD) took a 2000 horsepower(!!) heavy-haul truck to a concrete pad and nimbly power-slid it around various priceless & fragile objects. This is what happens when you precision-drift a truck the size of your house – an apt metaphor for how mega market-leader EMC DPAD manages your priceless and fragile data…