Episode 3 of Michelin’s We Are Racers documentary series is about the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans and the challenges faced by all when the rains came.

YouTube Description:

Le Mans. It’s THE showdown of 2014.
24 non-stop hours of the unexpected in the We Are Racers finale.
100+ drivers. Hundreds more in tech and mech. All belong to the racer breed.

Now at Le Mans, it’s the final face-off for our racers at the wheel: Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley and Patrick Dempsey.
Meanwhile, our racers behind the scenes make it all possible.
Watch as Michelin experts plan and re-plan the ever-changing race strategy.
It’s thrilling. It’s intense. It’s Le Mans as you’ve never seen it before.

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Created and produced by TBWA\Paris / Else Prod / Caporal
Director : Jérôme Raynaud
First Camera Assistant : Tanneguy D’Aubert & Aurélien Py
Sound Engineer : Martin Lanot
Editing : Maël Lenoir
Original music by : Jean-Claude Ghrenassia
Images Sources : ACO / StarProd.com

Special Thanks to : Porsche LMP1 and LMGTE Pro Motorsport Teams / Dempsey Racing / StarProd / Olivier Vialle