This holiday weekend the race was held at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This track is famous for the NASCAR events held here with a legend joining the race, Larry McReynolds. He drove the # 11 Optima Batteries sponsored truck and it was his first time racing anything besides a go-kart. This was one of the things among many that was new for this race. Truck Team USA had a new driver, Tommy Boileau, that won his first race in the second heat and taking home three trophies. Also a new truck joined the series, # 73, the Exodus Diesel Racing team. Besides the surprising moments of rain, the weekend weather was great. Both days were busy and hectic. In between the Heat Races for the ChampTruck teams there were races for the ChumpCar teams as well. Something was always going on which made it more exciting to stay all day.

Exodus Diesel Racing team truck # 73 in front, driven by
Exodus Diesel Racing team truck # 73 in front.
Mike Morgan, Team 88.
Mike Morgan, Team 88.

The route of the race had a sudden turn off the outside of the track into the oval on the inside making it difficult for some drivers to make the turn in time. Minimizer truck Tested, # 63, spun out a total number of three times in the same spot in the same Heat Race. One of the spin outs he had hit the wall. Fortunately no damage was done and he made it back on the track in no time. Jupiter Motorsports team truck # 3, also had a spin out right between the cones and the wall (the spot on the left in the third picture) making this spot the most “action packed”.

Minimizer Truck Tested, # 63, spinning out and hitting the grass trying to make it into the oval on the inside of the track.
Minimizer Truck Tested, # 63, spinning out and hitting the grass trying to make it into the oval on the inside of the track.

If you were in the stands you had the chance to experience the fans excitement and the kids jumping up and down whenever their favorite truck drove by. With the wind blowing in your face you could smell the rubber from the tires when they passed by on the inside oval. I remember hearing a few kids say “I smell the tires!” and “That smell is amazing!” and even a family that had two kids favoring different trucks. It just gives you a sense of happiness knowing that they are just as excited to be here as their parents. Of course when it was time for the autograph session the line was long and packed with families. The kids as well as the adults had smiles from ear to ear as they waited for the next driver to sign their posters.

Autograph Session
Autograph Session
Jupiter Motorsports Team posing for many pictures after their Podium win.
Jupiter Motorsports Team posing for many cameras after their Podium win.

The Jupiter Motorsports team, truck # 14 won the Podium Race. It was a close call between Drago, Tortured (Minimizer Team), and Ricky Rude (truck #14) fighting for that first position making the tension in the air thick. It almost felt like a relief from all the tension buildup when the checkered flag waved. It was an amazing win with the whole team cheering and dancing.

The staff that worked with Larry McReynolds this race would like to say thank you and that it was a pleasure working with you. You did an amazing job and you are more than welcome to join us anytime in the upcoming races.

The staff that works with Drago and Optima with Larry McReynolds in the middle. (Peter Grey not pictured)
From left to right: Wes Cayton, Jack Breaux, Justin Ball, Ronnie Lee, Rob Ball, Scott Pearson, Larry McReynolds, Billy Jarrell, Dave Wright, Ron McConnell, Dale Little, Erik Baker. (Peter Grey not pictured)

Here is the upcoming schedule for the series. You still have time to come see these trucks race this summer, if you haven’t already!

July 17-19, 2015: Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, IL

August 6-9, 2015: Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA

August 28-29, 2015: Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX

September 11 – 13, 2015: Motorsport Park Hastings in Hastings, NE

October 2-4, 2015: Portland International Raceway in Portland, OR

October 30 – November 1, 2015: Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, NV