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Listen to me Roar!

Just checking out some videos and I came across this one with one of our favorites, Paul Dallenbach. Check out what Paul does for the other 364 days of the year. Exciting times, only one month away until Pikes Peak.

Vimeo Description: Performance Validation Event with Pro Driver vs. AutoWeek Magazine Editorial Director; Red Cam, 3 x Canon 5Ds, Panasonic P2. Shooters: Brad Stanley, Keir Yee; addt’l camera: Tom Stoye & Danny Giannino; Location Audio & TIMING SYSTEM! from Jim Karnes, Ringside Creative; camera car – Pat Smith; Editor: Chris Randolph; Music: nonoyes; Drivers: Pro – Paul Dallenbach; Amateur – Dutch Mandel; Engineer: Brent Clark – Vehicle Dynamics Supervisor, Ford; additional ‘burn outs & drifts’ Aaron & Company – Ford. visit the site for the full programs. ** THIS IS MY CUT and I used a touch of The Doves ‘house of mirrors’ for the burnouts and drift sequence — for this version only.

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