As a photographer, we have the opportunity to  come across some great drivers, some true characters and great talent.  Lars Wolfe is both! I’ve been following Lars driving the Oregon Trail Rally, Olympus Rally the past few years and Redline Track Events: Circuit Battles Series.

lars-head-shotLars is competing for a spot in the Score Baja 1000.  There are 23 team drivers for BF Goodrich, 6 of which will get the opportunity to drive the Team Buggy. 2 Drivers are chosen from the SCCA Nationals Runoff, the other 4 are chosen by you, the fans! Voting goes through Wed the 31st at 6p.m. PST. If you haven’t voted on Facebook yet, help out a friend and great driver.

How I met Lars was through a mutual friend, and ML@S contributor Kyle Lewis at Olympus Rally in Ocean Shores, WA.  The Parc Expose is a great opportunity to talk with drivers check out vehicles and find like minded rally fans.  Kyle and I chatted up Lars about his upcoming season for Redline Time Attack, and plan of attack for the days rally.  As the drivers started to head underway Lars asked if we’d take some shots he could pass along to BF Goodrich and to hang in the trailer.

My first shots for Lars Wolfe will probably be the most memorable, as I stood atop a stump at Brooklyn Stage.  I saw the red Mitsubishi Evo in the distance, rounding the bend.  Just then Lars flicked the car sideways, to drift the corner in front of a sea of spectators.  Great!  Got the shot I thought to myself.  It wasn’t till I downloaded the photos that I caught it…  Right above Lars and in every shot, was a spectator with his pants around his ankles mooning me!  Yep, first time shooting for Lars and BF Goodrich.  I’m stuck selectively cropping.olympus-rally-corner-large

Since that day I’ve seen Lars at Redline Track Events “Circuit Battles” and the original photo is hanging in the trailer.  As a photographer you can’t plan every shot, and sometimes you get something you’re not expecting.  With hopes that Lars makes it to the BAJA 1000 as a photographer I’d love to go along and document the journey.

Lars Wolfe Highlights:

  • 2005 Western States Rally Champion
  • 2007 3rd nationally in Rally America series
  • 2008 2nd place Enduro Championship


 First time officially shooting for Lars and BF Goodrichcensored-large


Redline Track Events “Circuit Battles” at Autoclub Speedway Fontana, CA.

Crossing the Line.  Auto Club Speedway Fontana, CAdsc_2386-large

Oregon Trail Rally 2010dsc_5576-large

Rolling shot between stages for Olympus Rally 2011dsc_6892-large