Video producer, Liam Mullany recently contacted My Life at Speed to let us know about his recent video on Kirk McDowall.  We are happy to once again feature Liam’s work and Kirk’s excellent riding skills!!  – GT

Here is what Liam wrote:

Hey Greg,

I think you shared a video or two in the past that I created, I
figured what the hell I might as well see if a wider demographic finds
this kind of thing interesting as well.

Anyways, it’s a MTB downhill video I shot with Canadian World Cup
racer Kirk Mcdowall for an Epic TV series I’m doing. Basically I did a
bunch of sound work to replace any music that would normally playing,
and we’re left with a completely raw riding experience. The kid rips


YouTube Description:  For the first installment of Over the Edge, we wanted to strip away the distractions and start things off on a simple note. We took the fast, loose and dusty forest of Harper Mountain and let Kirk McDowall do the talking. As it turns out he’s a pretty quiet guy himself, so he just let the riding, mountain bike and environment do the talking instead.

Check back for the next mountain biking video from Over the Edge on EpicTV!

Kirk McDowall Raw Mountain Biking | Over the Edge, Ep. 1

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