Two-time Red Bull Air Race world champion, Kirby Chambliss took Los Angeles Angels pitcher, C.J. Wilson, on an aerobatic flight at Flying Crown Ranch, Chambliss’ property in Arizona. An avowed race fan and race car team owner himself, Wilson experienced firsthand the power and excitement of the Red Bull Air Race as a passenger in Chambliss’ two-seater Edge 540 race plane. Chambliss, also a five-time US Aerobatic champion, showed Wilson all the elements of the Red Bull Air Race, with some additional aerobatic elements thrown in for good measure. While in the air, Chambliss tested Wilson’s baseball knowledge, and ability to handle high G forces, by asking him questions while doing aerobatics.

Chambliss is preparing for the return of the Red Bull Air Race in 2014, which features an eight race series around the world, with two US stops – in Ft. Worth on September 6-7and Las Vegas on October 11-12. The season-opening race will be in Abu Dhabi on February 28-March 1.