Brent-Fletcher-AHot Wheels Team Green Driver, Greg Tracy, took time to talk to Brent Fletcher. “Fletch” is also part of Team Hot Wheels and recently set the World Record for the Longest and Highest Corkscrew Jump. “Fletch” would take a 2,600 lb buggy, hit the corkscrew jump at 54mph, rotate 230 degrees per second in the air and then jump 92 feet to the final ramp. Whewww….crazy!!

Here is what “Fletch” had to say:

1. So now you are a World record holder for the farthest and highest corkscrew jump, How does it feel to do something that no one has ever done before?
Its a great feeling ! And I’m pretty excited and grateful to have been giving the opportunity to do such an awesome stunt.

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2. Obviously there was some pretty big risk here if things did not go right, and I know this is what we do for a living, but how do you personally get yourself past it?
For me, the risk factor is what sparks my interest, but then staying focused on executing the stunt successfully is what gets me through it.

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3. Being a member of Team Hot Wheels is as cool as it gets, and I loved stunt-coordinating this one for you, and I greatly appreciated all your knowledge and skills when you stunt-coordinated the Loop for me, but I got to ask you, what would you rather be doing, coordinating, or setting world records?
Well, I always prefer to be in the seat for setting world records, but I also like to exercise my experience as a coordinator to help accomplish a project, like the Double Loop Dare.

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4. Rob Dydrek set the record shortly before you, at about half the distance, what would you say was the biggest factor in crushing their distance?
Bigger Balls!  Haha………!  Actually the car and the ramp setup we had, gave us the opportunity to go the distance we wanted and with perfect rotation for nailing the landing.

5. Tell me some of the things you have been working on and what is next?
Been pretty busy with some car commercials, also a couple of car chases for TV like Grimm, Sons of Anarchy, CSI Miami, and going to turn over a ambulance for the TV pilot Green Bench.

6. How did you get started in the business?
I got in the business at a pretty young age, but just doing background and some acting parts that my mother got me on.  I was doing a commercial when I was about 12 years old and watched a stuntman flip a car at 60 mph down the 210 freeway when it was being built, and decided that was what I was meant to do when I grew up. A lot of training, and a whole lot of persistence and timing, got me to meet some great people that believed in me and gave me the opportunity to become what I am today. I am truly grateful.

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7. We have had some crazy times together over the years but I have to say this was a pretty rocking stunt to be a part of, when are we going to test the limits again?
Yes we have GT, and I’m always ready for more Hot Wheels World Records!

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