Vimeo Description: 2010…what a year. I decided I wanted to ride, create media and work on my own projects full-time and that’s pretty much what I did. In April Anthony and I launched and have been learning ever since. We put a cool 30,000 miles on the StuntBum’s van and spent more time on the road than we did at home.

Now that it’s all winding down and we are planning for 2011 I decided to put together a little clip to preserve the memories of 2010. While the year has not been easy it’s one of those things; everyone dreams about starting something of their own or pursuing a wild dream they have, but hardly anyone ever does. We decided there is no day but today and haven’t regretted it since.

Even if we end up broke, stranded and living in a cardboard box covered in StuntBums stickers, the ride will have made it worth the misery. Embarking on adventures like this one really teach you about yourself, the world and other people. While there’s no reliable or affirming components in my life

I am a person who loves taking a different perspective, listening to people, documenting the misrepresented or overlooked and I love riding my motorcycle, no matter what anyone says or thinks.

Thanks for watching! – Leah.